Custom Scarf

£355.00 GBP

Please fill out the form below after you have purchased your custom Prettysac with your order number.

Prettysac states the following:
Customer is responsible for shipping and tracking item to Prettysac address TBD.

Once the scarf is received, Prettysac will notify the customer.
Prettysac will endeavour to fulfil orders as quickly as possible and will notify the customer of any delays.
From the date of receipt, the item should be shipped within 3 weeks. 

Prettysac is offering service to the client for an agreed fee.
PS will retain excess fabric unless customer states otherwise.
Client will pay in advance of receipt of goods.
Prettysac will provide the client with a tracking number when goods are shipped
No returns, refunds or exchanges.
Prettysac accepts cancellations within 3 days of purchase.

Please include Order Number in the message of the form, once purchased.

Bags range between £350 to £400 for ready made scarf bags.