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FF Logo Scrunchie

FF Logo Scrunchie

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Elevate your style with Prettysac Scrunchies, crafted from rare luxury silks. Each one-of-a-kind scrunchie embodies unparalleled elegance and gentleness for your hair. From special occasions to everyday wear, Prettysac Scrunchies add a touch of opulence to any outfit! They also make thoughtful gifts, showcasing your care and sophistication. 

Complement your style effortlessly by pairing this stunning Prettysac Scrunchie with its perfectly coordinating bag. 

Please note the following regarding our vintage scarf Prettysac Scrunchies:

  • Our scrunchies are made from re-purposed and pre-owned products and are not manufactured in collaboration or association with the original makers of the scarves.
  • Prettysac carefully selects vintage scarves of the highest quality for our designs.
  • Vintage scarves may exhibit signs of age, such as fraying, tiny repaired holes, pulled threads, and slight staining.
  • These characteristics should not be considered defects but are a testament to the special history of the textiles, adding uniqueness, value, and historical significance to each piece.
  • We strive to accurately represent our products online; however, please note that slight variations in color may occur due to digital display differences.
  • Made in: United Kingdom
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